"The Deck" is a distribution with features for penetration tests and forensic analysis on the Linux platform that runs on the BeagleBoard-xM and BEAGLEBONE (small computers with the ARM architecture).

 It contains several modules that allow: Coordinated attacks up to a mile away using multiple devices connected through networks 802.15.4 (MeshDeck), forensic investigation of USB devices (4Deck) and test penetration of WiFi and security networks of Drones using a Drone (AirDeck).

"The Deck" is based on Ubuntu and has hundreds of tools 

Pentesting of the Metasploit and Aircrack-ng style that have been exported to this platform. The low energy consumption of the Beagles (approximately 1 W) allows these devices that run "The Deck" to run on battery power. In short, it is a complete system that has all the functionality of a Backtrack 5R3 exported to the ARM platform. As with Backtrack, "The Deck" is based on Ubuntu.

Powering the system using a battery allows several possibilities when performing penetration tests such as:

  1. Leave the system at a point to perform the tests for a few hours and connect remotely to it to extract the data
  2. Leave the system at a point to perform the tests and collect it later to analyze the data
  3. Mount the system in a Drone and perform penetration test to wireless networks and other Drones. With the possibility of connecting remotely or without connecting, collecting the data once on the ground


The author of the project Philip Polstra uses a very curious assembly, BeagleBoard-xM with a ULCD7 touch screen mounted on a Buzz Lightyear lunchbox, a second BeagleBoard-xM without a screen and a BEAGLEBONE. And connect them together with a network hub with USB connection. Also using 2 Alfa WiFi adapters and a directional antenna for WiFi networks.



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"Hacking and Penetration Testing with Low Power Devices" by Philip Polstra.



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