Information security assessments aimed at determining risk exposure, determining the possible impacts and frequencies with which the information assets could be affected and based on the severity and risk analysis develop appropriate countermeasures and mitigation.


 Designed to determine possible gaps and vulnerabilities at the configuration and patches level. Attacks are made pretending to be an attacker, in order to determine the degree of access that would be achieved with malicious intentions.



Analyze the scenarios of crimes derived from criminal actions that are carried out on the information assets of the organization, in search of clues that lead to determine who carried out such action; and what is more important, to determine the sequence of events that allow correcting and shielding the accesses, in order to minimize the events that appear.

Determine if they are safe, based on levels of awareness, gaps and exposure of security devices, and whether they allow systems to be protected against phishing attacks and social engineering.



Security, impact evaluation and protection of information systems to detect vulnerabilities and solve internal incidents, arising from employees, or external ones of the company.